Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birds of a feather...

I know I've mentioned in the past that I inherited a love of birds from my grandma. I am always scouting out the yard, hoping to catch a new bird visiting the feeder. Well, lately, the corncob feeder that I keep hung up for our squirrel friends has attracted a bluejay couple and one very large woodpecker. The squirrels, being so eager and so messy, drop more corn on the ground than they get into their mouths. All this corn littered on the ground has caused a flurry of bird activity.

Here's a blurry photo of a bluejay (I was in such a rush to capture this quick and lively new visitor!) Yes, I realize that bluejays are hardly a rare sighting for most people (my sister told me she sees a half dozen or so at a time in her yard), but they are not at all commonplace in my backyard.
One day last week, I had been snapping and spying the jays and the woodpecker just beyond our back door all morning long. So distracted I was, I realized Rascal was overdue for his nap. So, up we went.

While nestled in bed, tummy to tummy with my little man, I had birds on my mind. Ten or so minutes later, as Rascal was still nursing but definitely heading toward dreamland, I heard a bird song I had never heard before. Had the new blue jay couple brought along another new friend?? Oh, I couldn't wait to go downstairs and see!

Another 30 seconds or so later, I heard ANOTHER new bird call! "It figures!" I thought to myself. While I am away from the window and without my camera, brand new birds are visiting my feeder! And I'm missing it! I looked down at Rascal, who was taking his sweet time drifting off to deep sleep. "Come on, buddy! Please fall asleep sooooon. I want to go see these new birds before they leave. Please, little guy: go. to. sleep. Okay?? Oh, good! His eyes are closed, he's letting go of my arm...almost there!" I hoped by sending him my subliminal thoughts, I could lure him to sleep more quickly.

By the time Rascal was asleep enough for me to creep slowly away from him and head for the door, I had heard 6 or 7 new bird calls emanating from downstairs. I was more than a little skeptical that I could possibly have so many new bird visitors all of the sudden. Skeptical, but still hopeful!

As I reached the bottom of the stairs, camera in hand, I discovered the source of the plentiful tweeting. Mystery solved:
Ah ha. Some little person had found mama's bird book and had been flipping through it and pressing the bird call button again and again and again. Got to give props to The Backyard Birdsong Guide for reproducing authentic, high quality sound! Of course, I should have known when I heard the red-tailed hawk squawking that it was unlikely to be the real deal. Our tiny yard probably isn't prime hunting territory for such a bird. But it sure was fun to imagine. That's one of the best things about this bird-watching hobby-- the possibility factor is always there!

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