Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

My, we certainly had an eventful Thanksgiving holiday weekend around here. All parts were memorable, some for good reasons and some not.

The lowlights include: a too-late night brining the turkey, running to the overcrowded grocery store 4 or 5 times for "one last thing," trying to wedge a very large bird into the pan, setting off the smoke detectors (more than once), no naps, too many naps, teething, throwing up, renting a carpet cleaner, food poisoning (not from my Thanksgiving feast, in case you were wondering), cancelling long-awaited plans, rescheduling said plans, locking the keys in the car out in the middle of the forest.

However, I cannot forget the many blessings brought about this past weekend as well:

My little kitchen helper, fresh herbs in hand-- so excited to help prepare the meal!

"Painting" the turkey with oil, prior to roasting

Getting dressed up (Yes, she's wearing sandals. And yes, they are on the wrong feet)

Cocoa moustaches

Rock climbing

Sled rides, courtesy of Grandma

The peaceful stillness of the forest

Apricot-pecan cinnamon rolls

Family naps in the pillow house

Hope you all had an enjoyable and restful weekend with your dear ones. I'll be back soon with some recipes and Christmas crafting updates!


  1. Oh Friend sounds like you could use a belated Thanksgiving Day nap:) You always have a way of finding the good in any situtation and although it may have been a bumpy holiday looks like the good times out weighed the bad by leaps and bounds! Can't wait to see your shared recipes, I hope those amazing rolls are on your list of ones to share! I can almost smell them over at my house! The picture of little Roo and her cocoa mustache is priceless must have been delish!
    Let's talk soon!

  2. Good morning, J
    I hope you got some much needed rest (and squeezed in some traditional holiday fun this past weekend)!
    Yes, I do plan on sharing the cinnamon roll recipe because it was soooo easy (no kneading or rising or finicky yeast problems that I usually have with traditional rolls).
    A chat is definitely in order!!