Sunday, February 14, 2010


Whew! It feels like forever since I've been "connected" to the outside world. Since we don't have a tv or newspaper delivery and the radio stations we pick up are intermittent, I've felt so isolated and out-of-touch with the happenings in the world outside of these four walls. But, we finally have the internet and I'm slowly catching up on news (blog and otherwise).

In fact, my dear husband has taken the children on a little nature walk in the snow so I can curl up in bed with my cocoa and my laptop and check in with some of my favorite blogs. Call it a Valentine's Day present of sorts from him to me -- even though we actually don't celebrate Valentine's Day around here (as a "couple," I should say, although the children and I do Valentine crafts and such).

My, it's been a very interesting transition to our new life here in the mountains. Most of it has been wonderful. But naturally, with all things in life, it can't ALL be wonderful. We've hit some bumps in the road, but we continue to forge ahead and I'm so looking forward to filling you all in on the highs and lows (but, we shall be focusing most intensely on the highs as everyone has their own lows, so who wants to hear someone drone on about those, right?)

Well, the gang is back, so I will sign off here. I think plans are brewing for a fire and some marshmallow roasting. But I can't dash off before wishing you all a day filled with all things good, whatever "good" means to you: love of family and friends, a warm home, food on the table, a job, a hobby or interest that you feel passionate about, a good book paired with a yummy drink, a long nap, a hot soak in a tub, lunch and a movie with your sweetie, time alone to write in a journal, or prayers and good wishes sent your way from near and far. We all define a good day in a different way. So, whatever it is that you need, my wish is that you find it and feel it today.

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