Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just a Few Favorite Spots of Home...

Well, as much as I've been wanting to move for years now, I find myself feeling rather nostalgic about this dwelling we've called home for the last decade. It's the first home my husband ever owned. It's where I came to live after marrying him. We welcomed our children into this home after they were born. This carpet has cushioned the first tentative steps of our babies, and then the pounding and stomping of those babies-turned-toddlers. This house has seen gatherings formal and not, of family and friends, for holidays, birthdays, and game nights. We've dreamed here, cried here, laughed (a lot!) here. This home has sheltered us and been good to us. We will miss it and remember it always. But, it's time to move forward and set roots down in an entirely new place. Exciting, yes. But daunting too. Change is always hard for me, even when that change is necessary and for the better. I snapped just a few shots while packing things up this week:
I painted those plates and hung them up there to help fill that blank wall space. But, looking at the photo, the plates just seem to attract attention to that awful "popcorn" ceiling! Definitely won't be missing that.

I love the fabric hoops because it's so easy to change them out according to season or just because I've got some new fabric I want to look at more often!

This piece (fabric covered canvas) is called "In Full Bloom." It represents our family, the four of us, growing together. I made it just after our youngest was born.

The rose in that glass dome is from the first bouquet my husband ever sent me (12 years ago). The sweetest part about it is that he secretly swiped that rose from my bouquet after visiting me at my apartment. I didn't even notice that he did it. The next day he went to the hobby store and bought all the necessary items to preserve it and present it so beautifully! I've had it prominently displayed ever since.

I'm going to miss my daughter's bed being just a hop, skip, and jump away from our bed. She's been within arm's reach of me every night since she was born. I'm going to miss being able to just lift my head to check on her. And listen to her breathing. And...well, I'm going to miss us all sleeping in the same room. It always felt so comforting, a little like Little House, being in close quarters like that.

I'm going to miss the great tree out back that has been home for so many birds and squirrels (and once, an owl!).

The squirrels have provided much entertainment to my little ones looking out the glass door every morning: burying treats under the leaves and carefully covering them up!
Doing acrobatics while eating from the corn cob feeder:

And trying to outwit the squirrel-proof bird feeders:

This great tree of ours is like a sensory, 3-D calendar of the seasonal changes: from rustling golden autumn, to bare stick-like figures of winter, to the fragrant white blooms of spring, and then the lush, green canopy of summer.

I will be away from this space for a while, as tomorrow is Moving Day. Internet availability is sketchy at best where we are headed. It will take a bit of time to work out the kinks and settle back into blogging. Of course, there's all that moving in and settling in to do, as well! That probably should take precedence :) But please continue to check back now and then, as I plan on returning to posting here as soon as I am able. Until then, wishing you happy days and peaceful nights!

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