Monday, March 29, 2010

Her Signature Color?

Oh my. We have been sifting through paint chips trying to decide on a final color for my daughter's new bedroom. This is going to be her first "big girl" room (we co-slept until she turned 2, then we put a twin bed a few yards away from our bed and that's where she's been happily snoozing ever since), so it's quite a big deal.

Since I never got a chance to decorate a nursery (because of the co-sleeping arrangement), I am really having fun planning this special space for her. I want it to feel cozy and warm. I want it to be filled with peace and tranquility, so as to help give her that gentle nudge toward dreamland each night. I want her to be able to snuggle under her quilt, look around the room, and see reminders everywhere of happy memories, family history, and the little things that reflect her current interests.

She told me long before we moved that she wanted a pink bedroom. So I dutifully gathered a (rather large and overwhelming) sample of pink paint chips. She sifted through them like a pro, clearly preferring some over others. Although that may have had something to do with the fact that I would pick up a sample and say, "Oh, this one is called Tulip Petal pink! Tulips are Mama's favorite flower. Would you like Tulip Petal walls?" Or I'd say, "How about this one? It's called Baby Girl, just like you're my baby girl!" She, like her well-meaning mama, is easily swayed by the name of the paint sample (I confess to refusing to buy a certain paint color, as perfect as the color was for my intended room, based solely on the fact that I didn't like the name Benjamin Moore gave this particular color).

But, in the end, we narrowed it down to Blossom, Sweet Baby's Breath, Candy Hearts, and Fairy Tale Pink. The winner (which was actually the first pink she chose, but I encouraged her to look over all of her options before deciding) is: Fairy Tale Pink. It is indeed a delicate, sweet, perfect pink for this girl of mine. My husband refers to it as Pepto Pink (as in Pepto-bismol), but she and I are in agreement that it is by far the best choice. As we began painting, she said to us, "Didn't I choose the most perfect shade of pink for my new room? I think it's going to look splendid." I couldn't agree more.

Now, when the subject of her new room comes up, she tells people, "It's Fairy Tale Pink, you know." And it seems Fairy Tale Pink is the new buzz word around our house. If she sees pink icing on the doughnuts in the store, she tells me they're decorated Fairy Tale Pink. When I was browsing in the lipstick aisle, she asked, "Are you looking for one that is Fairy Tale Pink?"

Her latest request was for a Fairy Tale Pink fishing pole to use at the lake this summer. She said that she wanted to wear a pink bathing suit, pink sunglasses, pink ribbons in her hair, and pink sandals while fishing ("for only the little fish, because a big fish might pull me right into the water") with a Fairy Tale Pink fishing pole. I guess you could say that pink just might be her signature color.


  1. Knowing Roo like I do and her affection for all things fairies, Fairy Tale Pink seems only fitting for your little dreamer. Looking forward to seeing the final result of her new oasis.

  2. Oh, yes! We are very big on fairies and princesses around here (I hope she's not disappointed to find out Mama has a whole woodland creatures theme in mind!) Can't wait to show the finised "oasis," as you called it. I like that word, it fits. :)

  3. Oh I have the same little stack of chips awaiting my daughter! I have whittled the pile down to a handful, but I am no good narrowing things down. We are doing a fairy tale themed room as well, but I have lost my painting motivation after finishing our office. I can't wait to see the end result!