Monday, March 22, 2010

"Those Bird Food Cookies"

Well, one thing I can say for certain is that I am ecstatic that spring has officially sprung! I was so ready to say goodbye to winter -- the tail end of it, anyway. Those last remaining weeks of the season dragged on and brought with it more winter woes: another round of cold/flu for the littlest one and three cracked ribs for me (all that coughing seemed to be more than my poor ribs could take).

So, with all we've had pulling our attention and energy, I've been trying to be kind and not beat myself up for not undertaking any Lenten resolves. I usually try to add something to my Lenten observance (like additional prayer and meditation time or random acts of kindness), rather than subtract something (although I do really need to examine my sugar habit and cut it back or out completely).

I've been so busy taking care of the little ones' sickness around here that I've noticed some severe mama-neglect going on. My remedy? Going to bed much earlier (which is a really, really hard one for me, as nighttime is when I try to squeeze in my precious Me-Time) and those little nuggets of goodness in the photo above, alongside a cup of tea with honey. They are called Grace's Best sunflower seed cookies. Or, as my daughter calls them, "those bird food cookies." Can you tell that we've been busy keeping our bird feeders stocked with sunflower seeds for our feathered friends? ;) Anyway, they are unbelievably delicious for as simple and as healthy as they are. I picked up a package at my local health food store and I wished I had bought more. Don't let my picture fool you...they may not look all that edible and I'm definitely not a food photographer, but they must be tried.

It's the little things like a hot cup of tea and some specialty cookies to dip in it that add a little boost to my day. Bestowing such small tokens on myself make me feel like I'm at least coming in somewhere on the list (you know "the list" I'm talking about: kids, husband, home, errands, etc. etc.).

Happy Spring to all of you! I hope that you are finding little ways to sneak in some self-love and self-preservation during these hopeful days of Spring.

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