Friday, April 30, 2010

Don't You Think Daisies Are the Friendliest Flower?

I couldn't help but use a line from one of my favorite movies in my post's title today. And I also couldn't agree more: daisies DO look like the friendliest flowers, don't they? Well, they do when they are sprinkled all over a little girl's Easter dress and she's twirling and giggling and dancing with her brother:

They frequently dance together...she calls him her "little prince."

I love the way he's beaming at her in the above photo (and you can't tell, but she's beaming back at him just the same way!)

A bright sunny morning and two siblings that really are best friends...these are the things that warm a mama's soul.


  1. They truly are one of the friendliest flowers! Roo's dress is perfect for Spring and for twirling too. I like the way she is wearing her favorite heels to match:)

  2. Oh, those heels! I'm afraid she's going to break an ankle in those things. But, I have to admit, she walks better in heels than I do!! -- must be all the practice she gets wearing them with everything: pj's, dresses, jeans, her bathing suit, etc. :)