Monday, April 12, 2010

The Golden Spatula

I've been scrambling my morning eggs with a soup ladle. Why, you ask? Because some cute little fella has claimed my spatula as his very own:

This spatula (he originally referred to it as "Bat-cha!" and then that morphed into the current, "Spata") goes wherever he goes. It accompanies him in the car, on nature walks, during nursing sessions, reading time on the couch, and, as you can see above, he even sleeps with it.

I dropped the children off at my Mom's last week while I went Easter shopping. I noticed the precious spatula sitting next to my son's empty car seat after I arrived at the first store. Oops. I prayed he was too distracted by the "new" toys at Grandma's house to notice his spatula was not by his side. When I went back to my Mom's to pick up the children, my Mom told me that Rascal had spent 10 minutes standing in the kitchen, frantically gesturing toward her counter top. After handing him spoons, salt/pepper shakers, potholders, and anything else she could suspect that he wanted, she finally picked him up and let him show her what he was pointing to. Of course, he reached way in the back of the tool crock and grabbed the lone spatula. She couldn't believe that he had even spied it from his vantage point. But, this boy has some sort of extra-sensory perception when it comes to spatulas.

I've drawn the line at taking his prized spatula out in public places because I do occasionally sneak it back from him in order to cook something where a ladle won't do. Like making pancakes, for instance. The first time I wouldn't let him take it into the grocery store with us, he screamed like I had made him leave a limb behind in the car. So, once in the store, I made a beeline for the cookware aisle and promptly gave him a shiny, new, red spatula to hold onto during the shopping trip. You would have thought I gave him the biggest, sweetest candy on earth. He couldn't stop grinning and showing every passerby his new spatula. Now the cookware section is the first one we hit upon arriving at the store. He and his sister get to pick out new kitchen gadgetry/cooking tools for playing with while we shop. Naturally, I don't actually buy him a new spatula every time we go out -- it's just for holding while we shop. It doesn't actually come home with us. Although, I really should buy a backup spatula, because I hate cooking eggs with a ladle.

This post was the result of Steady Mom's 30-minute Blog Challenge (and was completed, amazingly enough, in 27 minutes. I think that is most definitely a personal record!)


  1. So cute! I don't remember my son ever having an attachment to a specific object like that, but it's just adorable.

  2. At least it's not a chimney brush, imagine carrying that around or him sleeping with it! HaHa!

  3. :) Thank you all for your comments! Yes, J, you're right. There are worse things to carry around than a spatula (at least, that is, when he waits long enough for me to wash the eggs or pancake batter off of it before he claims it as his own).