Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Book Basket review

Well, we're more than several weeks into summer and I just recently changed out the Spring books for ones celebrating the Summer season. I know, I'm just the model of efficiency and organization, aren't I? Just one of the many things I haven't managed to stay on top of these days, I'm afraid. Mother Nature, however, is keeping pace with the changing seasons: it's been hot and sticky and our air conditioner is getting quite the workout. The links to our newest crop of books are below and the cover pictures are in the sidebar if you're interested.

The first book added to our basket is, of course, Summer by Gerda Muller. I just love these wordless board books. The detailed illustrations fill up the whole page, which is very eye-catching to my little ones. I love how we see new little things each time we flip through the pages. I also adore how this series of books focuses on the simple pleasures; sort of the quintessential "do's" of each season. Be it winter, spring, summer, or fall, each season has activities and experiences unique to that particular time of year. These books highlight that in a delightful way!

The next two books are part of a series known as Percy the Park Keeper by Nick Butterworth. They are: Percy's Bumpy Ride and After the Storm. Roo is quite taken with these books. They are clever and cute and feature animals as the main characters (along with Percy, of course). Every time we have a storm or Roo sees a downed tree on our walks, Roo will say, "It's just like in the book, After the Storm." I can safely assume that a book has made its impression on her when it comes up in daily conversation. One of the highlights of these books is the fold-out pages. The one in the back of After the Storm is especially impressive: a fun little conclusion. Plus, it's done in great detail and HUGE.

I left All the Places to Love in the book basket because most of the scenes contained within could occur in Spring or Summer. For instance, the blueberry picking and sailing bark boats down river come to mind as summer activities. So, this book seemed appropriate to carry over from the Spring book basket.

I'm sure I have more books on the shelves that I could place in the Summer Book Basket, but I would never get this post up if I tried to make this an exhaustive list. Pretty soon, we'll be due for the Autumn Book Basket, and I didn't want to skip over our summer choices. So, short and sweet it is!

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