Monday, August 31, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today...August 31, 2009

Outside my window...a huge canopy of shade. My, our backyard tree has grown enormously this summer. Must be from all that rain!

I am thinking...about how we can wring out the last drops of summer before Labor Day weekend. I'm thinking berry-picking!

I am thankful for...the perspective we gain every week when we take our son to Children's Hospital for treatment/therapy. While we are there, we sit near/pass by/chat with/smile at many sick children with health problems much more serious than our child's. So, while we feel frustration and fear regarding the challenges our son faces now and in the future, I do know that there are parents out there facing much bigger frustrations and fears for their own children. I always try to include these families in my daily prayers.

From the kitchen... -black bean and shredded chicken enchiladas, a mixed green salad with fresh and super yummy orange tomatoes I bought at the farmer's market yesterday (they smell so sweet and fresh--just like summer!). Plus, I've got some whole milk yogurt cooking away in the yogurt maker.

I am cargo pants, white sleeveless top, white socks and my "indoor" sneakers.

I am creating...a to-do list for upcoming Christmas crafts (yes, I realize it is still August. But there was a hint of autumn in the air just the other day, and it got me to thinking...)

I am escape to the bookstore this week, I think. An iced mocha, a stack of magazines and books, and a comfy chair...sounds like the perfect getaway (even if it's only for an hour).

I am reading...A Child's Garden by Molly Dannenmaier. Completely and utterly enchanting and inspiring!

I am get a handle on some of the pits of chaos reigning supreme around here and re-establish some order. I think the little stacks of clutter here and there are contributing to some negative energy vibes (not to get all new age-y on you, but what I'm trying to say is clutter makes me cranky!)

I am daughter singing random lines from our current stack of library books. I love that rather than just speaking the words, she pretty much sings everything these days. I also hear the pleasant hum of the baby monitor while my son sleeps upstairs.

One of my favorite things...when my husband accompanies me and the children on the big grocery shopping trips we make twice per month. It's so nice having his company and he helps distract the little ones while I concentrate on my giant list!

A few thoughts for the rest of the week...other than the aforementioned clutter-banishing, I plan on a trip to the library, a visit from my sister, a trip to Children's, and later in the week I'm going to get fresh market peaches to make this special peach pie with cream cheese crust for a Labor Day party this weekend. Yum!

A picture thought I am sharing...look at this busy bee gathering nectar before summer runs out. "Stocking the pantry shelves" for winter, if you will. :)

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  1. Happy last week of summer to you! I hope you do enjoy some berry picking, wish I could knock off work early and join you.
    That peach pie sure sounds delish and what a good way to wave good-bye to the heat. I plan on making our summertime favorite Blueberry Crunch Cake this weekend one last time. That combined with one last Blueberry Lemonade and I'm all set.
    If you really wanted to kick-off Fall you could order a Pumpkin Spice Latte while enjoying your time away, today is that first day for them! Ahh- Fall is almost here!

  2. Recipes, please!!!! I love anything with blueberries, and I also happen to love cake and lemonade. So, if you have recipes involving cake, lemonade, and blueberries, I want them!! :)

    And you know, I missed out on that whole pumpkin spice latte last year, so I think I will definitely put it on my to-do list for this Fall (and maybe even on my list for this week). Thanks for the heads-up!