Thursday, July 16, 2009

Colander Cruising

I haven't done a "Snippet of Sunshine" post in a while, so I thought this might be a good one to mention. With each passing day, I am noticing more moments when the children are entertaining themselves, and less moments of me playing Event Planner, if you will. This is huge in the world of parenting. It's especially exciting to see the sibling relationship evolving between my daughter and son. Big sister has an idea, little brother wants "in" on said idea, and she happily obliges!

Take the newest activity to hit our household: Colander Cruising! Roo just decided one morning to use the colander as a scooter of sorts, and she spent a good chunk of time sliding and scooching up and down the hallway. This is the same girl I found "ice skating" on the living room carpet this past winter by putting one bare foot (sweaty, sticky feet work best for this so there's less chance of slipping off the book. Gross, but true.) on a slippery-backed book (library books are great for this as the children's books generally have that plastic cover to protect the book) and using the other foot to push off the carpet: propelling herself around the room on her slippery "ice skate." Although, it resembled skate boarding more than ice skating, if you ask me. Not that I would ever tell her that. But, back to the current favorite:

She had a captive audience. And, being the kind of big sister she is, she couldn't wait to give her brother a spin.
Watching moments like these naturally unfold in our day fills my heart with much happiness. I love seeing the inner-workings of a 4 year old's mind put into action. I really love witnessing Roo drawing her brother into her world of play.
So, that's where I found my snippet of sunshine today. Where's yours? :)

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