Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth Festivities

Although this recap from the holiday weekend is a little bit late, I thought I'd give an overview of a wonderful day spent with family:

My Mom thoughtfully filled the baby pool and put it in the sun to warm up hours before our arrival. By the time the kiddos got in, it was almost like bathwater!
It didn't take long for Rascal to discover the bubbling fountain on the back porch (my Mom made this, by the way. It's one of many, and all are uniquely different. I love them all. Must see about getting one for my own back porch!)

I love how he squats down a bit, when he's checking out something new that he's unsure about... "No's just for looking" comment was quickly tossed aside:

But we quickly found a way to keep those mischievous hands busy: my Mom gave him a bowl full of rocks and let him drop them down a hole in the porch, where they promptly plopped (with a satisfying clunking sound, no less!) into the rock garden two stories below. My Dad commented on Rascal's persistence-- there were several rocks he thought Rascal would never fit through that hole. But Rascal kept turning and flipping the rocks around and over until he somehow managed to manipulate those rocks through that hole! Typical one year old, I say: if he wants to do something, he cannot be deterred.

There was some time for sitting on the deck before dinner, drinking and snacking and enjoying the trees and flowers in their seasonal glory.
When it came time for dinner, my sister's centerpiece graced the table: freshly plucked from her garden that afternoon:
Any summer BBQ would not be complete without my Mom's potato salad (a million times better than any deli. I think I might have to do a post on it someday).

I love seeing my daughter eat off the same plate I used as a child. Oh, how I loved these plates back then! Even today, I like my food compartmentalized.

We capped off a great meal with super juicy watermelon and peach pie a la mode (I didn't stop to snap a photo of the pie before gobbling it up!).

All in all, it was relaxed, cool, yummy, and it tired the little ones out: just the way I like a summer day to be!

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