Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sweet Summertime

We are loving the summer picnic outings these days. We try to pack in a lot of variety by going to a different park each time. But something tells me that this one just might become the "go-to" picnic park. "Our place," if you will. It has so much to offer, without being too overstimulating. There were plenty of quiet, out-of-the-way spots to nurse the littlest guy and keep an eye on the action at the same time:

This park has a pint-sized train running through it every 10 minutes or so. It acts as a great distraction for the little ones while the grown ups scarf down some lunch (before the pleas of "When can we go exploring?" start up in earnest. It's so not about the eating for the kids on a picnic. Well, not our kids, anyway. Eating is merely an obstacle to running around the open space and checking everything out!)

On such a hot and sticky day as this, the cold stream was a welcome pit-stop.

Roo is attracted to puddles like a magnet, but she is rarely outfitted with the right shoes for puddle splashing. So imagine how ecstatic she was when Mom came prepared with water shoes and she was actually encouraged to stomp around in the water as much as she pleased!

Then, of course, there was the requisite rock collecting excursion:

I have never seen so many dragonflies in my life. They were buzzing (do they buzz or flutter or ??) around us in every direction. Check out these shots I snapped of them sitting on the rock next to us in the stream:

Such a lovely way to spend a hot July day. It even makes someone like me (this is my least favorite season) wish for an endless summer. Well, for a few moments anyway.

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