Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh Where, oh where...

has my clean laundry gone? Oh where, oh where could it be? I washed a very full load of cloth wipes, diapers, and the bright yellow diaper pail liner a few days ago. I remember taking it out of the dryer and folding it. I remember putting it aside because Rascal was sleeping and I couldn't put it away yet (for fear of waking him up). It has disappeared. Gone. Nowhere to be found. I've looked. My husband has looked (well, if you can count his scanning the room from one stationary spot, "looking"), and I've even had my guests keep their eyes open (you think I'm kidding--but, I'm not). I am obsessed with finding this clean pile of laundry.

I've taken a pair of scissors to my prefolds (that I normally use as cloth diaper stuffing) to make emergency wipes. I can't stand the thinness of commercial, disposable wipes. It takes me 3 of those to do what 1 cloth wipe can do. Basically, I am lost without my cloth wipes and diapers and that brand new waterproof diaper pail liner (did I mention that it's bright yellow? How does one lose something of that color??) Why couldn't I have lost a load of something as insignificant as clothes or bath towels? After all, we live in pajamas around here and, goodness knows, I never have enough free time to shower anyway.

I guess this MIA laundry load is so aggravating because it truly hammers home the point that a certain level of disorganization has descended upon this household. I pride myself on being a homemaker. How can I lose laundry in our not-so-big house? What does that say about my skills around here? Me, with my lists and to-do's and homemaking journals. I can't even get a load of laundry safely from the dryer to the dresser one floor up. *Sigh*

My husband says it is probably long gone. Given away with the donation bags last week or thrown away by mistake. I can live with the fact that maybe they were accidentally donated. Perhaps some other cloth-diapering mama will stumble across them. I cannot stand the thought that the diapers and wipes, I so carefully chose fabric for and sewed up during my last pregnancy, are in a dumpster somewhere. Heartbreaking. Heartbroken over some cloth diapers and wipes, you ask? Yes, I'm that weird. Now you know.

So, I've tried to forget about the missing laundry. Don't they always say that something turns up as soon as you stop looking? Well, I'm giving it a try. In the meantime, the children had fun using my empty laundry basket today:
That's the Princess pulling the King in his chariot.

You've got to admire their positive attitudes and the ability to make the best of a situation, even in the wake of things like the economic recession, political unrest, and...missing piles of clean laundry.


  1. I'm sure either it will turn up or someone will make very good use out of it.
    The picture of R & R is adorable, I remember something very similar from my childhood, but instead of a laundry basket it involved a plastic pool.
    Happy July to you!

  2. Plastic pool, laundry basket, big thick rug shaped like a fish (yep, that's what my sister and I would pull each other around on and ride down the stairs like a magic carpet)--kids will always find something to use for this fun activity, won't they? :)

    Hey, guess what? I found the laundry!! Hiding in the bottom of the hamper, under a huge pile of dirty laundry. Who would think to look for clean laundry underneath dirty laundry? Not me, obviously.

    Hope you guys enjoy the holiday weekend!