Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Day Full of Blessings

A magnificent autumn day was the backdrop to a momentous family celebration: my parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary today. Rightly, we filled the day with all things good: reminiscing, eating (lots of eating: with crab-stuffed mushrooms, a hearty and tender roast with buttered noodles and oven-roasted veggies, red wine, Boston cream pie and Irish coffee -- how could we not stuff ourselves??), laughing, playing in the leaves, sharing homemade cards and handwritten poems, and presenting gifts that could never rival the gift that my parents have given us: a living example of true commitment and everlasting love.

A beautiful day to celebrate love and a beautiful day to celebrate Autumn's arrival. The joy was positively contagious! Of course, watching sweet little ones reveling in the leaf piles will bring smiles every time.

Swinging on the swing is always a favorite. But swinging on a swing right through a huge pile of leaves is an experience not to be missed! All the hard work of raking...
...for a sweet reward!

All afternoon, while listening to constant happy chatter and giggles that could not be contained, I glanced around me and realized that there was a blessing of one kind or another everywhere I looked: in the bright blue sky, simmering on the stove, sitting around the dinner table, digging in the sandbox, crunching through the leaves. Enveloped by God's sweetness and goodness, I couldn't think of a more perfect day. It is such a satisfying feeling to go to bed after a day well-spent: we wrung out every drop of delight from the day we were given. Such a good, good feeling.

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