Friday, October 16, 2009

Autumn Nature Walk Bracelets

Oh, I know I'm not alone, because I've been reading the same sentiment on many other blogs, but I have to say that I love the crisp, clean feeling of autumn. I find that "fresh start" feeling that I get in the springtime, also applies to fall. Maybe I feel like the cool breezes are sweeping away all the unwanted "stuff" from my life, and preparing for me a fresh, clean slate. There's just something about pulling out the fuzzy wool sweaters and chunky cable-knits. When pulling on a pair of jeans just feels right, rather than too heavy or a bit much (as jeans often feel, even at the tail-end of summer). It's the time of year when I look for recipes that keep me in the kitchen, versus the quickest/no-bake recipe I can find during the summer months. Fall also marks the beginning of the whirlwind holiday season, which I love. Regardless, this season brings contentment to my heart.

It seems that at this lovely time of year, we just can't spend enough time out of doors. So, we did what any self-respecting, autumn-loving family would do: we went on an impromptu picnic. One of my favorite things about these outings when it's just the four of us, is that we have absolutely no agenda. If Roo wants to climb on the rocks for half an hour (and she did), we can stop and watch her enjoy that (and climb too, for that matter -- which we did). If Rascal wants to scrawl in the dirt with a stick, we can do that. We have no destination or "point B" that we are trying to reach. It really does become all about the journey.

Making nature walk bracelets has become a favorite activity on our picnics and hikes. Roo really enjoyed making wildflower bracelets like this one during our summer outings. So now that we are in this glorious new season, we made another bracelet to showcase fall's offerings.

While our summer nature bracelets were bursting with purples, pinks, and greens, these nature bracelets took on the warm, rosy tones of fall. It was fun to add interesting seed pods and other dried bits that one only finds on nature walks this time of year.

And of course, one of the loveliest things about these nature bracelets is their simplicity. When something is constructed of mere masking tape and anything that a little one spots on the ground, there's no limit to the number of bracelets that can be made during a single outing. Which is a good thing, because once Roo made me a "pretty" (and photo-worthy) bracelet, she wanted to make one out of dead bugs and rocks (don't worry, I spared you the photo of that one!).

After constructing a few bracelets, we were off to explore. Having no plan or destination was so freeing. We just followed the little one as she meandered up one path and down another. With her walking stick in hand, she was ready to play tour-guide. Speaking of walking sticks, am I the only mother who is paranoid about her child putting an eye out with one of those things?? Even after snapping off the sharp end and warning her that she must only walk while holding the stick, I was worried. Because, as most 4-year-olds are apt to do, she would forget to walk and break into a run. I can't blame her, as she was just giddy with the fresh air and open spaces! I'm thinking of making a slit in a tennis ball and slipping it onto the end (near her face, not the end pointing toward the ground, just to clarify) of the next walking stick she finds.
Then maybe I can relax and enjoy the hike a little more, instead of repeatedly saying, "Walk, please" and "Do you want Mama to hold that stick for awhile?"

The patches of gold were so bright against the backdrop of blue sky, it looked as if there was a fluorescent bulb glowing behind each individual leaf! Truly a lovely way to spend the day. We will try to get out there as much as possible before the weather turns. Although, when the time comes, I'm sure we can find some unique additions to our winter nature bracelets as well. Go check out The Magic Onions for more nature discoveries and fun activities.


  1. Just lovely... I love how they make them as they go along. We really enjoy having a 'challenge' when we go on a nature walk... this is perfect.
    Thanks so much for sharing on Friday's Nature Table.
    Blessings and magic.

  2. So simple! I'm going to try that on our next hike.

  3. We made nature bracelets during the Summer, but will have to revisit them again for Autumn (once we are done with this bout of rain, that is). They look delightful! We love this time of year!

  4. Yes, that is the beauty of them--simple, simple, simple! My kind of project, especially when out and about hiking (because, really, you can't cart along a bunch of crafting supplies on the go. As it is, my husband and I look like pack mules when we go hiking, as I pack too many "just in case" items!!)