Friday, October 30, 2009

A Winter Wonderland

We have been enjoying the majestic display of (an early) King Winter these past few days. This morning Rascal and I were up very early and he sat mesmerized while looking out the front door. The wind was howling (hence the blurry photo below -- this time it was not due to my poor photography skills!), causing the "pit pat tap" sound of the snow hitting the glass.

After sunrise, the weather was still fierce, but everything seems so much better in the daylight, doesn't it?

{We even spotted this little village of winter chalets peaking out from the drifts of snow!}

Luckily our feathered friends were warm in their nests, rather than spending any time in this drafty ol' place:

However, a few days ago, we were between snowstorms and we went outside to make a few snow sculptures. Armed with colored water and measuring spoons, eye droppers, squeeze bottles, and mini spray bottles we had a blast coloring the fresh snow:

My husband even made sure to help the little one make some snowballs to freeze (my husband said that they used to keep the snowballs in the freezer until summertime! What a fun tradition that must have been). We, however, are very short on freezer space, so I think I will just let our littles take a snowball or two into the next hot bath they take. Watching it melt away should provide much fun and plenty of giggles, I think.
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  1. We used to always do snowballs in the freezer (but we could never wait to pull them out til summer!).
    All that snow just looks wonderful and so much fun!