Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Don't You Love New York in the Fall?"

"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."

Those are some of my favorite lines from one of my all-time favorite movies, "You've Got Mail." Yes, fall is here and that means it's time for what's become one of the most anticipated of fall traditions: the annual viewing of "You've Got Mail" with a dear friend of mine.

The must-have's for such an event: comfy clothes, comfort food, and a cozy couch. My friend and hostess leaves no detail overlooked. She thinks of everything (and I mean everything):

*Warm and inviting ambiance? Check.
*Well-thought out menu, guaranteed to soothe and satisfy? Check.
*Pillows, throw blankets at-the-ready, and fall-scented candles? Check.
*Plenty of laughter and good conversation before, during (thank goodness
for the "pause" button), and after the movie? Check. Check. Check.

We take our tradition very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that neither one of us will watch the movie outside of that annual October day. This involves quick reflexes and discipline (because, hello, it's cuteness and humor make it a hard movie to pass up) to flip channels quickly, should one of us come across a showing of "You've Got Mail" on TV (which invariably happens, as this movie always seems to be popping up somewhere).

I can't tell you how much I look forward to being a guest at J's home. She makes every visitor feel like royalty. And yet, at the same time, she makes every visitor feel like family. That's a hard balance to strike, but she manages with ease to do so.

Isn't it a blessing to find someone with whom everything "clicks?" A friendship that evolves and sustains itself naturally and easily? It's such a gift to talk to someone who knows and understands your thoughts without you needing to say anything. Of course, we never manage to stay silent when we're together. For me, she's one of those friends that I could talk to 3 times per day and never run out of things to say. My husband doesn't understand how I can talk to J over the phone for an hour, when I'm going to be seeing her in person the very next day. And then, after seeing her, I can have a "re-cap" conversation with her for another hour over the phone. "You just saw her for 3 hours yesterday!! What more could you possibly have to say??" he says to me in exasperation. {No, he doesn't really get exasperated. I know that he's happy I have such a good friend. Plus, it takes the pressure off him having to listen to me chatter away so much!}.

One of God's greatest gifts is the gift of family. It's a special thing indeed when you find a friend that feels like family. So, treasure your family and those true friends that fall in that inner circle. This journey in life is so much more precious and fun when you share it with those near and dear to your heart.

And while I'm thinking of it, does anyone know of any good movies to kick off the other seasons of the year? J and I were thinking of starting a spring or summer movie tradition, but haven't come up with any movies synonymous with winter, spring, or summer. Suggestions, please?? Even if you don't know of any "seasonal" movies, any particular movies that are better watched with girlfriends than husbands/boyfriends? (I know my husband has ruined many a "chick-flick" with his eye-rolling, sighs, and "Oh, brother" comments!)


  1. Ce,
    It is one of life's greatest gifts to find those among us who we feel like we can truly be ourselves around, the good, the bad and the not so pretty sometimes. I'm thankful to have found that in you. A friend who as you said being around just comes naturally and feels authentic. A friendship where there is no judgement only encouragment and lots of laughter;)
    As always it was my pleasure hosting you this past weekend. Every August I look forward, no wait scratch that, all year long I look forward to our Fall Festival for two. A day so cozy and comfy like the ole' reliable sweats we wear. They just feel right, as does that day!
    Heres to the many more "You've Got Mail" viewings and of course those 3 hour phone conversations!
    Thanks for being the Lucy to my Ethel!
    With love,

  2. J-
    Your comment was just too sweet and it made me laugh (sweetness and laughter--just like our friendship!)
    I knew any post I did regarding our tradition wouldn't do it justice, but I wanted to make note of it because it is such an important event, not to be overlooked.
    Thank you for just being you (and I mean that in the most authentic and sincere way possible--even though it sounds corny in writing!!). Love ya lots! :)