Monday, June 29, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...June 29, 2009

Outside my window...the sweet chatter of squirrels and happy tweeting of birds. Our big backyard tree is a happening place.

I am thinking...about my wonderful family. And about my friends, that are just like family. :)

I am thankful husband's altered work schedule this week: he'll be home more than usual, which I love!

From the kitchen...several crock-pot recipes to try (since the heat is really making me shy away from my oven): lemon and dill salmon (fish, in the crock-pot --- who knew?), tamale/cornbread pie, and chicken wraps (PF Chang-style, the recipe says). Hopefully, we'll have some winners out of the bunch.

I am wearing...jeans, yellow floral tank top, and sandals.

I am reading...still working my way through Playful Parenting, but now I've added Heaven on Earth. I'm loving it so far. It has really struck a chord with me and the atmosphere of learning and living I'd like to implement in our home.

I am hoping...that our new-house situation, which is currently in limbo, sorts itself out this coming week. I hate when things are just up in the air, waiting to come crashing down (or not). Whether or not things go the way we hope, I just want it settled one way or the other. Patience is not one of my strengths.

I am creating...a new (again!) menu rotation for summer. I am too busy right now to keep changing it up, so to speak. I need a solid 4-week rotation to see us through the hot months.

I am praying...that God will give us the answers we are seeking, help us find the right path on which to tread.

I am hearing...Roo trying to coax Rascal through her dilapidated couch-cushion tunnel: so far, he's not falling for it!

Around the house...chaos and disorder reign supreme. Must gain control over that immediately. My mind can't take much more of this...stuff...everywhere I look.

One of my favorite my son's face beams every time he sets eyes on his big sister. She can get smiles from him when no one else can!

Some plans for the rest of the week...print up pictures to include in some thank you notes I'm sending out; grocery shopping (since that didn't happen this past weekend); a visit from my Mom and my sister; a Fourth of July BBQ on Saturday; and a strict earlier bedtime for myself!

Here is a picture thought (or two, or eight!) that I am sharing...We spent a lazy Sunday at the park: having a picnic, gathering sticks, capturing ladybugs, kicking the ball around, swinging, spying mushrooms growing under the trees, admiring the gardens in front of the surrounding houses...

While Peggy from The Simple Woman is taking a much deserved break for the summer, Grandmother Wren is graciously hosting the links for the Simple Woman's Daybook Society. Please meet up there for more inspiring Daybook entries!


  1. Love the pics of your day at the park ... and I hear you on the earlier bedtime for yourself - I need to do that, too.

    I'm sure the Lord will give you guidance on your housing situation. He said He will give wisdom liberally!

  2. I enjoyed reading your daybook. What a beautiful family you have.

  3. Found you again...I do enjoy reading your daybook and seeing your lovely photos. I can relate to stricter bedtime only for me it is getting up that seem sto be the problem. I'm not sure if it is because the weather has me so congested and my asthma is creating havoc or whether it is plain ole' laziness!