Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not for the birds...

I love when useful meets cute!! I came across this pincushion at JoAnn's the other day. I already have 2 pincushions, so I put it back on the shelf after admiring it longingly. But when I realized that everything else I was buying was already on sale, I had an unused 40% off coupon in my hand. Back to the pincushion shelf I went and snatched this birdhouse without hesitation. I love birds and I love sewing (usually!). To have the two combined makes me so happy. Plus, the little roof comes off and there is a small storage space inside! Too adorable. Maybe this little addition to my sewing table will draw me back into the habit of creating (and away from the computer a little more often).

So, that's where I found my snippet of sunshine today. Where's yours? :)


  1. You know me, I love anything with birds on it too! Wonder why I only like the real ones from afar, as long as they stay their distance I could watch them for hours.
    Does it count that my little piece of sunshine today is crossing things off of my to-do list? If not, then it would have to be the fact the dinner is already made and I can just enjoy this afternoon!

  2. Yes, I say making headway on your to-do list most definitely qualifies as a snippet of sunshine!! Isn't having dinner made early in the day such a relief??! I think you should go put your feet up and read a good book or magazine! Hugs to you :)