Friday, March 27, 2009

Topsy turvy Spring!

Well, yesterday's storm has moved on and today the sun is making all the snow a mere memory. But, boy, did we get hit in a hurry with a good deal of the white stuff. The whole time the flakes were falling, I was thinking about our tree in the backyard. We've lost more than a few branches over the years with these spring blizzards. In fact, the blooms were just starting to make an appearance late last week when I thought to myself, "I hope we don't see any more snow." Here was our poor tree yesterday, the buds and blossoms all weighted down with snow:

The bird feeder was abandoned as our feathered friends wisely stayed warm in their nests. All except this little (make that big) one:

This plump robin repeatedly flew from our tree to the top of our back porch light, where she (or is it a he? With such a dark breast and head, I wondered if it might be a male? But being so fat, made me think it must be a female. My ornithology knowledge is sorely lacking!) sat perched for quite some time. Until she got tired of us snapping pictures, that is. This next picture is one Mark took by just cracking the door a bit, holding the camera outside, and then hitting the button -- hoping for a good shot. I'm sorry that it turned out so overexposed, but the snow was blindingly white out there!

I'm sure seeing an outstretched arm with a beeping, clicking camera on the end of it made her decide to make a quick exit. A few seconds later she flew away and didn't come back.

There was one other brave soul out there too (looking for food, no doubt):

I immediately recognized her as one of our "regulars." So, I quickly scoured the kitchen for an appropriate squirrel snack (since I wasn't going outside to retrieve squirrel food from the shed in this weather).

Surely, determination and resilience like that deserves a just reward, don't you think? She came back for seconds, and fourths, too! Fortunately for her, she didn't have to share with any of her squirrel siblings. :)

All in all, a nice cozy day to stay inside and watch the fury outside. But, as I said above, it's all a memory now as the snow is almost melted away already. And I think our tree's branches were spared this time around. Whew! It never feels completely like spring until we get a snowstorm! Now that the storm is behind us, I feel that Spring is here to stay! Thank goodness. Bring on the warmth!

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