Monday, May 18, 2009

A feast for the senses...

It's here! The orders I placed for wool felt have arrived. I'm so excited. When my husband and my daughter came back from the mailbox carrying packages, I could hardly contain myself. Like a child on Christmas morning, I was!

I even waited to open the packages until after the children went to bed, just so I wouldn't feel rushed to look everything over while trying to also manage dinner and bedtime, etc.

I ordered 100% real wool (organic, plant-dyed and premium all-wool from A Child's Dream Come True) and a few pieces of a wool/rayon mix from Prairie Point Junction's Wool Felt Central. Everybody told me I would instantly notice the difference between wool felt and that thinner, cheaper acrylic felt that you find in the craft stores. Ooh, they were right. It's soft and thick and I am so happy I special ordered it.

I have two June bugs celebrating their 1st and 4th birthdays this year. I thought it was high time I made some birthday crowns for their special days. I also have big plans for some homemade felt characters for a flannel board I'm making as a Christmas present. Plus, I think I'm going to make some little fairies/gnomes and outfit them in some cute, wool clothes. Keep in mind, these are my plans, not necessarily what will actually be accomplished! Except for the crowns. I will be making those. I'll plan on posting the finished products here as incentive to complete them on time!

A stack of wool, ripe with possibility, is where I found my snippet of sunshine today, where's yours? :)

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  1. Still looking, but it's bound to pop up soon! I'll keep you posted!