Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is this the shower or the produce department?

As I try to take a more natural approach to all things in my daily life, I replaced our phthalate and phosphate-loaded shampoos and conditioners and replaced them with Dr. Bronner's pure castile soap. It was a good switch: I love using these products in place of regular shaving cream on my legs. And they work great as a body wash too.

What I love most are the scents. The peppermint scented one was our winter staple. Using it made our bathroom smell like a candy cane making factory! Definitely strong, with the potential to be overpowering. But, fortunately, I love the smell of candy canes because it makes me think of Christmas. And anyone that knows me, will tell you that I am a Christmas fanatic. Although, you do need to be careful with the peppermint soap. It produces an invigorating tingle on your skin. Which is great if you're lathering up your feet, but be careful around your eyes! In fact, I'd recommend not using it on your face. But, that's just my two cents.

Oh, and while I'm adding my two cents, I have to say that I don't recommend using it to wash your hair if your hair is long. I have long hair and I find it really hard to wash out without leaving tons of oily residue behind. The products are made with essential oils, after all. However, my husband LOVES using it as shampoo. He doesn't find it leaves any residue at all. So, it all depends on hair length and thickness, I suppose.

I've also tried the eucalyptus, the tea tree, and the lavender scent. After the first time I used the lavender, my husband hugged me and asked, "Did the baby throw up in your hair today?" Nice. I don't think that was quite the reaction the product manufacturing team was going for with that one. And there goes our chance for any future endorsement deals.

Because we have said so long and farewell to old man winter, I decided to purchase a fresh scent for Spring. I got just what I was looking for too: this citrus-orange one delivers. If I close my eyes, it smells like freshly-squeezed orange juice is pouring out of the shower head. Really. It smells heavenly (if you like the smell of oranges, that is). So fresh and fruity. Great products you can feel good about using.

So, that's where I found my snippet of sunshine today, where's yours? :)

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