Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back to Normal

We have returned. What a trip. It was so nice to take a break from the day-to-day routine. Even though the weather was less than cooperative:

The rain began almost the moment we pulled away from the house. By the time we reached the mountains, the rain had turned to snow. Blowing, whirling, snow mixed with hail! Hmm...this was going to be interesting.

The snow had ceased, but the wind off the water made the rainy day feel twice as cold!

We were determined not to be deterred by the rain! We drove along the winding roads, always on the lookout for moose--which we were told were everywhere. I really wanted to see a moose up close and personal, so as to snap a picture. But no luck.

Roo so wanted to go swimming, but I was pretty sure hypothermia would put a damper on our vacation. She settled for running along the water's edge and drawing pictures in the wet sand.

Mark, who is normally not known for observing or noticing nature's subtle beauty, snapped this photo of the mountains in the morning mist (just around the corner from our cabin!).

We had one partly sunny morning, so I let my children (who both must be part fish or something--they cannot get enough of the water) dip their feet in. Those cute, pudgy piggies turned purple in a hurry!

A pile of dandelions lovingly picked and set out for me by my sweet girl!

Ah, here comes the sun (less than an hour before our departure -- figures, doesn't it?). We took the kids to a huge dandelion meadow that I had been eyeing for days, thinking a romp through there would be fun. Roo protectively helped her brother walk among the flowers because "the ground is lumpy and he's going to fall and smoosh too many 'dannalines.' "

Make a wish, Roo!
I made a wish for more moments like these.

These horses made for pretty scenery right outside our door.

Gorgeous, snow-capped peaks in just about every direction you looked!

Lots of lush, green meadows at the base of the mountains.

It was wonderful having the freedom and time (read: no agenda) to just meander down any path we chose, looking for neat spots to explore ("let's go 'sploring' " was a common phrase used by our adventure-loving daughter).

So nice to take a journey together! And even though the unpacking and laundry piles have seemed endless since our return, there really is no place like home.


  1. beautiful photos :^)

    it looks like you had a wonderful time even if the weather was less than cooperative!

  2. So glad you had a nice time and I hope you came home all refreshed! Sometimes short weekends away are all we need to remind us where our heart truly lies!