Friday, June 12, 2009

Princess and the Pea, Part One

For Roo's 4th birthday, we are celebrating with a Princess and the Pea theme. The Princess and the Pea fairy tale has been one of her favorites since receiving a big book of rhyming (I know, there I go again with the rhyming) fairy tales when she was 1 year old. The book was from a librarian friend of my mom's, and it has been opened up more than half of our books put together. My husband loves it because the stories are short and sweet, each fairy tale nicely wrapped up in 12 pages or less.

So, it seemed fitting to make this particular fairy tale the theme for our princess.

I've been working on a canvas and fabric decoration to hang above Roo's bed. I gathered a dozen or so of her most worn and loved clothes from her babyhood. This is a great way to recycle baby clothes you couldn't part with (especially ones with stains, since you can snip around the less desirable parts. And yes, I saved many, many outfits: stains and all). I certainly had no shortage of pink fabric to choose from! But it is Princess and the Pea, after all, isn't it? A palette of pink seemed like a must. For the headboard and foot board, I used some chocolate brown corduroy that I used to make her some winter pants a few years back. I think the wales in the corduroy lends a nice, grainy, wood look.

I merely layered swatches of fabric as the mattresses. I made some striped fabric yo-yo's out of one of her co-sleeper bed sheets. Inside each yo-yo I placed a fabric-covered, circular piece of cardboard. All that's left to do is use my alphabet stamps and some sage green ink to stamp her name: one letter per circle. Then it will be all set to adorn her bedroom wall for many years (I'm hoping she'll want to keep it forever, maybe even take it off to college for her dorm wall?? A mom can dream!).

My next post will cover Princess and the Pea, Part Two: the birthday cake. Other than the cake decorating class I took as part of 4-H when I was eleven, I haven't had much practice decorating cakes (proof of evidence: Rascal's robot cake). Wish me luck!

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  1. I found your website while researching how to make a Princess and the Pea cake for my daughter's first birthday and you mentioned a rhyming book your family loves, would you mind passing along the title? My daughters love to be read to and my two year old loves to sit in her comfy chair and "read" as well and I have been looking for a good nursery/fairy tale rhyme book. Thanks for the cake info, I think we have settled on the Princess and the Pea as our theme for my one year old, but we'll see!