Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bliss in a Carton

I've stumbled across a little bit of lusciousness in the form of rice milk ice cream. You read that right, RICE MILK ice cream! I'm no stranger to the non-dairy ice cream case. I've tried soy, coconut milk, and other rice milk products and they have all left a bad taste in my mouth (literally!).

But, the makers of Good Karma Organic Rice Divine ice cream will be having some good karma following them after creating the goodness that is their "Mudd Pie." If my eyes were closed and I tasted this yumminess, I'd never guess that is was not the real deal. It actually tastes like honest-to-goodness, full-fat, milky, creamy, ice cream! And did I mention the chunks of chocolate cookie sprinkled throughout? Oh my! Plus, as if the good taste wasn't enough reason to buy it, eating Good Karma even supports green farming. Love that.

Someone finally got the non-dairy, gluten-free ice cream right on! Thank goodness. Because sometimes a girl just has to have some ice cream. With summer not far off, I see a lot of Good Karma in my future!

So, that's where I found my snippet of sunshine today. Where's yours? :)

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