Thursday, April 16, 2009

Latest Library Favorites

We've had a run of good books from the library as of late. A few favorites:

And the Good Brown Earth was well-timed with Earth Day coming up soon. Also, as the weather is warming, we are preparing the earth in our garden for planting. The book follows a boy and his grandmother through the seasons of the garden they planted together: the planning, the tending, and the reaping (all the while letting nature do its wonderful work). It's a good book to read if your little one helped you plant seeds and was then disappointed when they didn't turn into flowers or vegetables overnight! A lesson on patience and trust in "the good brown earth."

Hello, Robots was a fun, silly read. I found myself chuckling out loud during the second half of the book, which made Roo laugh too. She loves sharing the book with visitors (like Grandma and her aunt) and explaining to them what wackiness had transpired as a result of the robots getting caught in a rainstorm.

Forest Bright, Forest Night has gorgeous, detailed illustrations. The first half of the book highlights animals of the forest that come out and play during the day (and on each page you can see a night time animal hiding somewhere on the page, sleeping the day away). To read the second half of the book, you flip it over and now it's all about the animals that come out at night (and now a daytime animal is hiding somewhere on each page, asleep). Neat concept for a children's book. The book explains the difference between daytime animals and those that are nocturnal. It's fun to seek out the hiding animals, trying to get some shut-eye.

The Old House is enjoyable because you get an insider's view from the house's perspective. It is centered on an old, delapidated house that no one wants to call home. Until one family discovers its hidden charm and the old house finds his purpose. Even my husband didn't mind reading this one multiple times!

If You Were My Baby is a great introduction to animals and their habitat. It explains how mama and papa animals love, protect, and teach their babies just like human parents do. A really sweet and comforting read. Each animal gets a two-page spread that fills up the entire page, so it's quite engaging even to the youngest audience.

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