Monday, April 6, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...April 6, 2009

Outside my window... a fresh layer of snow is blanketing the earth. We had such a dry winter, with almost no snow to speak of. Now, it seems, we are getting caught up -- every few days we get some white fluff falling from the sky.

I am thinking...about the busy, busy week ahead:

*finish menu planning; grocery shopping twice (once for nonperishables and later in the week for the Easter ham and perishable vegetables/fruits)

*cleaning the house; making room in our dining space for putting the leaf in our table, plus room for the kiddie table

*preparing for an out-of-town guest who will be here for 10 days (this involves changing up the menus for the next couple of weeks...I don't think our guest would be too pleased with our standard fare of breakfast night and fend-for-yourself night! ;) Plus, there are diet restrictions involved, so it requires more planning ahead on my part)

*Decorating the house for Easter; dye the eggs; do some special Easter crafts

I am thankful for...My wonderful Mom who, even though she's only supposed to bring a vegetable dish for Easter dinner, will probably show up with half a dozen other things to help me out! She is just the kind of person who gives and gives and gives. She is always trying to lessen my load by taking on more than she should. I love her so, so much.

From the assortment of almond flour muffins: apple-cinnamon, banana-walnut, and blackberry. Plus, some Vanilla Honey Chamomile tea on the side! Dinner is...undecided. I'm lost without my menu plan (I took it off the fridge for some reason, and now I can't find it).

I am wearing...a purple turtleneck sweater, black sweats, cozy black socks and slippers.

I am creating...a Montessori practical life activity involving felt squares and buttons. My daughter eagerly tries to button her shirts, but it is very hard to do once the shirt is on her body and she's looking down at it from an awkward angle. Isn't it amazing what we, as adults, take for granted? Anyway, I saw a wonderful way to help her practice buttoning without the struggle. I'll post some pictures on it this week (ha! if I actually get around to it this week I'll be shocked!).

I am finish this post and hop to it! Lots to be done and staring at it all isn't going to make it go away!

I am sew some Easter placemats and a runner for the dining table. If I can't get to it, then I'm hoping to find some pretty Easter placemats on sale this week.

I am hearing...Roo sniffling (ugh! When is this cold virus going to leave us alone?), Rascal is playing quietly by himself (Yay! We are making so much progress in this area!!). The heat is humming and Frank Sinatra is on the radio.

Around the house...washing bed linens and opening a few windows -- even though the air is so chilly. You know when there has been sickness (thankfully just Spring colds, in our case) in the house and you want to get rid of that stale, germy air? Yep, that's what I aim to do this morning.

One of my favorite things... when my 3 1/2 year old daughter helps me go around the house and find things to donate to Vietnam Veterans of America, for a pick-up scheduled later in the week. I love her generous nature (even though most of the items she chose to give away belonged to her brother!)

A few plans for the rest of the week: see my "I am thinking..." answer above! ;)

Here is picture thought I am sharing... we went to a farm and there were about a dozen new lambs (all about 1 month old and already so big). You wouldn't know it by this picture, but they were bleating and kicking up their heels all over the pasture. What a hoot to watch! And look how woolly they are!

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  1. Hi Ce!
    I guess you could call this my de-lurking! I've loved borrowsing your blog and getting to know you even better!
    I'm lost without my menu planning too:) I will be thinking of you this week, with all of your Holy Week preparations, your house guest, and your big Easter feast! Can't wait to hear all about it!
    Many blessings to you!

  2. May your week be filled with His Blessings!


  3. I, too, am looking forward to opening windows - I got pneumonia in the middle of February - and never started really getting out and about until the last week or so of March - so, I still feel like I need to "cleanse" the house!

  4. Well, thank you J for coming out of lurkdom and leaving such sweet comments! I'm wishing you a blessed Holy Week and beautiful Easter. :)