Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seasonal Switcheroo

Now that I believe we have safely passed the point of getting a major snowstorm, I thought it was time to pack away my favorite winter print until next autumn. I was immediately drawn to this piece of work the first time I saw it: in the hands of a woman in front of me in line at Michael's. Of course, when I went back for one for myself, they were sold out. So I ordered it online. The title of it is "Solitude," by David Winston. It evokes that feeling of absolute stillness, when you go for a winter walk and the air is eerily quiet and peaceful, especially during or right after a snowfall. I love it paired with my favorite old wood barn frame, with the black hinges. I've enjoyed my little dose of serenity all winter and early spring, but now it's time to freshen things up.

I've put away the pinecones and other heavier, winter decorations. I've brought out of hiding, some light and airy pieces. Including this framed print by Ruth Silverman called "A Round Bed"

To me, nothing symbolizes Spring and new life better than a bird's nest. Truly, nests are works of art. I marvel at what those little feathered friends of ours can craft (and without hands, no less!). Amazing. I was going to share a link to a blog I recently viewed that showed some up-close photos of some nests they discovered (the intricate details of these nests were unbelievable...they looked like they were made by humans--almost too perfect to be real! Sadly, I cannot find the blog at the moment).

Along with the artwork changes, I'm exchanging our fleece throws for cotton and sewing some new covers for our throw pillows as well. I feel so ready to say goodbye to winter for a while. Although, admittedly, summer is my least favorite season. I'm usually craving "sweater weather" by early August! For now, however, I say bring on the warmth, sandals, fresh berries, the smell of freshly cut grass, window boxes overflowing with cheery flowers, and all the other many pearls of Spring and Summer!

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