Monday, April 20, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...April 20, 2009

Outside my window...birds are feasting on the unopened buds on our tree, squirrels are scavenging on the ground below the feeder, finding bits of this and that. It's quite a chattering, tweeting frenzy out there this sunny, blue-skied morning.

I am thinking...since our out-of-town family is leaving today, it's time to get back into our normal routine. While it's fun to have company (the kids loved having a constant playmate or audience, as the case often was), it's nice to get back to the familiar rhythm.

I am thankful daughter's quick recovery from an illness over the weekend. She had a fever of 104, which always scares me (even though, rationally, I know it's her body working to fight off infection). But I concentrated on praying feverishly (no pun intended :) ), keeping her comfortable, and letting it run its course. The next day she was much improved. Thank you, Lord.

From the easy dinner of chicken salad sandwiches, tomato soup, pasta salad. Maybe, if there's time, some freshly baked zucchini bread as a snack this afternoon.

I am blue yoga pants with matching hoodie, black tank top, hair up in a ponytail.

I am creating...lots of fun little pretties: some sewing, some paper crafting, some painting. Maybe something worth showing in this space...we'll see.

I am make a concerted effort to get the children outside every single day this week. I guess that means getting out of my pajamas every morning though, doesn't it? :)

I am get all the Easter stuff packed away, as I never did get around to that last week.

I am hearing...Roo jingling some toy keys for Rascal to reach for; the dishwasher running; and "On the Sunny Side of the Street" playing on the radio. That song makes me smile.

I am praying...for my dad's business to pick up (he's been struggling for the past few years, but it's continuing to spiral downward). I'm also praying my continual prayer for health, hope, and happiness for my family and friends.

Around the house...still working on clearing the clutter from the craft room (on the plus side, it's like a treasure hunt as I'm coming across fabric and craft projects long since forgotten). Dropping off yet another bag of clothes and toys to the children's consignment shop.

One of my favorite things...coming home from the craft store, my head brimming with ideas and newfound creative energy to do something, anything! (gee, can you tell that I've got arts and crafts on the brain?? Almost every answer in my daybook this week centers around that theme!)

A few plans for the rest of the week: watching less TV and crafting more. It's amazing how much better I feel mentally after a productive night in the craft room. I don't get that feeling after sitting on the couch watching television all evening. So why is TV my go-to activity, after a long day? (Just for the record, my television viewing involves about 3 or 4 shows per week, so it's not insanely excessive by any means, but could be less if I put forth the effort).
We also have a double-birthday party to throw this weekend, so I have to get together with my sister and plan the menu for that. This is known as the "busy season" in our family: 6 birthdays, 1 anniversary, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Lobster Day, and Father's Day all in a 2 month timespan. Whew!!

A picture thought I am Easter table centerpiece still alive and well (amazing, since I have a black thumb). I was worried they would wilt and die before these tiger lilies had a chance to open up. I've forgotten how much I enjoy fresh flowers on the table to gaze at throughout the day. They certainly add a nice punch of color, don't they?

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  1. What a perfect day to listen to " The Sunny Side of the Street", it's going to be a great week weather wise:) Doesn't that song just put you in a better mood?
    Your Easter centerpiece was beautiful! My Easter lilies have started to drop their petals, but yours are still hanging in there.

  2. That song is one of those that gets stuck in my head the whole day through, but I don't mind because it's such a happy one.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying 'hi.' Hope you have a wonderful week, J!

  3. What a beautiful picture of your centerpiece! I love the colors!

    I'm like you, I feel so much better after accomplishing something (like making a craft) than by sitting around watching TV. But sometimes it's hard to keep from just "vegging" out in front of the TV.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Tonight's the night I'm going to make the mac 'n cheese recipe.