Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring is (literally) in the air...

Spring makes me think of rebirth, new life, and ....... butterflies!

We did an Easter/Spring craft yesterday that was easy and took very little time (my kind of craft during a busy week like this one). The best part was that my daughter could do 90% of it all by herself. Which is very important with the 3 year old crowd, don't you know? :)

If you would like to fill the air in your home with butterflies, you'll need the following:

*paper coffee filters

*markers (use the real ones (you know, the ones usually reserved for grown-ups, not toddlers. But the washable kind won't "bleed" as nicely, so I don't recommend those for this project)

*spray bottle filled with water

*pipe cleaners

*string, yarn, or floral wire to suspend your butterflies in the air

Start by decorating your coffee filters: the more "blobs" of color used, the better.

Then, use the spray bottle and lightly spray all over the filter (don't worry if they get a little too saturated--my daughter loves water and was a little heavy-handed with the sprayer):

But it's all good, because they just need time to dry:

Once dry, fold each filter accordion-style. Bend the pipe cleaner in half and wrap it around the center of the filter a few times (I don't have a picture of this, but basically you are gathering the filter in the middle and splaying each side out like a fan). Don't forget to curl each end into "antennae." Tie string or wire around the base of the antennae and hang around the house for a festive Spring touch. They look especially nice hanging in front of a window!

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