Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nature Lovers

So, happy Earth Day 2009! We spent the day doing back-to-nature stuff. Namely, trying to beautify that plot of dirt we call our garden. Sadly, it has always looked like it suffers from mange. Plants scattered here and there, with ugly patches of rock/dead leaf/weedy dirt in between. Not a pretty sight. I've always had aspirations to make it look better, but no matter what I've tried (and I've spent more money and sweat and time than I care to recall), the garden looks rather pathetic.

Today we went to a local nursery as a family. Then, as a family, we worked the earth. We dug, we mixed some newly purchased organic soil with our own, we planted, and we watered. It looks better already. And the best part was the time we spent out there together. The kids loved getting covered in dirt (yes, my daughter is wearing a white, long-sleeved, ruffled cuff shirt. Don't you dress in a fancy white shirt when working in a muddy garden? ;) ) and looking for worms.

I've forgotten how wonderful it feels to get my hands in the dirt! I took off my shoes and climbed right into the garden, where I could plot and plan what to plant where. My husband joked about me standing barefoot in the mud. I said, "Just call me Earth Mama!" Roo then said, "You're Earth Mama and I'm Sister!!" Such a sweetie. And it's true too. She is all about dirt, bugs, and nature.

In fact, because she is currently obsessed with the life cycle of trees, I bought her this book for Earth Day:
This one is another favorite on the same subject:

And because you can never have too many books about dead and decaying trees:

So, we had a good day around here. Busy, but well-spent. Hope you all did too. Off to watch Lost (they say it's a "special" Lost. Hope it's not all a lot of hype! Because they never do that, do they? ;) ).

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