Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pajama Lamb-a!

This little gal is Lambkins. I made her for my daughter two Easters ago. I followed this easy pattern. For the fabric, I chose to use my daughter's first sleeper PJ's (you know, the kind with the feet). She practically lived in that pajama sleeper all winter and I was so sad when she outgrew it. I couldn't bear to part with it, so I wanted to make the pj's into something "permanent." The soft muted colors and fuzziness (from being washed every other day for months!) looked just right for a little Spring lambkin.

It was my first attempt at making a stuffed animal, and I think that is evident by looking at the picture above! ;) Not quite sure what happened to the poor thing's nose, it seems to be non-existent. But, my daughter loves it anyway.

I was thinking about making a second Lambkins for my son this Easter. Goodness knows, he has a plethora of sleeper pj's to choose from (it seems to be my go-to outfit during winter with my little ones). But, so far he has not shown a fondness for cuddly objects. When he sees his sister's Lambkins, he tries to stuff (no pun intended) as much of the lamb's head into his mouth as possible. That seems to be the extent of his enjoyment for stuffed animals. So, rather than add one more thing to my To-Do list this week, I think I'll skip making Lambkins: the Sequel! I do have some ideas floating around in my head with regard to projects made with his clothes, though. Hopefully, something will come of my ideas and I'll have something to show here before long.


  1. Your kids are so blessed to have a wonderful Mama who enjoys creating them so thoughtful homemade items! I hope they cherish them always!

  2. Hi J-
    Thank you for your kind thoughts and being my first (and only!) loyal reader!! ;) Heehee.
    If they don't cherish them when they're older, I'm gonna be stuck with a lot of stuff! Seriously though, I do get a great deal of satisfaction making these little bits of love. It's a creative outlet for me and they get something out of it too. So, win-win. :)
    Thanks for reading, have a great evening!