Friday, April 17, 2009

Finalists for the Spring Book Basket

I added the titles of our Spring book basket on the sidebar quite some time ago, but I neglected to do a post regarding the ones chosen. You might be wondering about the choices and, so, without further ado:

Our Nest is a wonderful poem turned storybook. The folk-artsy illustrations are saturated with color. I'll admit I have a soft spot for books that rhyme. Rhythmic, rhyming text just ties books up in a nice, tidy package for me. I don't know why, but I'm drawn to them. I'm also drawn to books that bring the story full-circle, and this one does just that. The first time I read this one, I had checked it out from the library. After that first read-through, I knew I'd be purchasing it for the home library.

Sun Bread is one of those books that we originally checked out from the library. However, we read it so many times in the few weeks that we had it, I just knew this would be another one going onto the shelves of our home library.

The pictures are so vibrant, lively, and greatly detailed, giving you so many things to look at on each page. It's one of those books that shows you something new each time you read it. My daughter and I have pored over those pages, pointing out new discoveries every time we open it. I'm a huge fan of Elisa Kleven. We've probably read all of her books available at our library.

I chose it for the Spring basket because it's basically about saying good riddance to wet, sloshy, cold winter days and willing the bright, sunny days of Spring to make their appearance.

Sunshine on My Shoulders is a favorite around here because John Denver is a favorite around here! I sang this song to Roo as a baby and so I had to buy the book when I saw it on Amazon (complete with an audio CD so she can listen and follow along in the book). The pictures give me that warm, fuzzy feeling. Cute, indeed (especially the picture of the child blowing the dandelion "fluff").

All the Places to Love is beautifully illustrated and acts as a gentle reminder that simple is best, and all the associations we have with our childhood home and surroundings stay with us forever.
Marsh ponds, sailing bark boats, picking blueberries, ducklings, green valleys -- a fresh perspective on the beauty all around. A timeless story about what really matters.

So, those are the current Spring choices. Although, I have my eye on a few additions (I seem to always have my eye on more books!).

I can't speak as to whether these books are as good as they seem, but I have seen a few of them on the sidebars of other bloggers (whom I trust when it comes to book choices) or they have received mostly favorable reviews on Amazon (which can be hit or miss as far as reviews go. Sometimes I've really disliked a book that got great reviews and sometimes my favorites get lukewarm Amazon reviews. So, who knows? What I do know is that I always try to pre-screen a book through the library before buying it. If that's not possible, sometimes I'll just take the plunge and buy it sight unseen).

Here are a few I'm considering adding to the Spring basket (any input from readers out there is welcome!):


Our Big Home:

Well, I think that's all I have time for tonight (and I wouldn't have even gotten this post accomplished if I hadn't started it a couple weeks ago -- thank goodness I saved it as a draft). It's been a crazy, not-quite-ordinary week around here and I'm not able to spend as much time on the computer as I am accustomed (which is probably a good thing!). A Spring storm is raging outside my window and I'm off to put extra blankets on the little ones. Have a good night!

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