Monday, April 13, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today...April 13, 2009

Outside my window...the sun is just beginning to peep out from behind the haze. Water droplets are covering everything out there, as we had drizzly rain all day yesterday. But as a result of the wet weather we've had over the last week or two, everything is beginning to really "green up."

I am much I'd like to go to bed earlier than I do. I think it would help me to be a better, happier Mama and wife and homemaker.

I am thankful family and the opportunity to spend Easter with all of my loved ones. We hosted the holiday this year, and it was so wonderful to have those most dear and precious to me around our table.

From the kitchen...Easter dinner leftovers! All that extra cooking and baking paid off (plus the goodies brought by our guests), as we have quite the bounty stashed in the fridge. Yay! No cooking for me today. :)

I am sweatpants (what else ?? It seems to be my standard "uniform"), navy blue sweatshirt, slippers.

I am creating...a new toy rotation schedule (sounds exciting, doesn't it?). I am going to clear out the excess and only keep what they truly love and use. But even without all the excess, the toys need to be rotated because I can't stand having more than half a dozen out at one time.

I am the library for some fresh books to cuddle up and read with my littles.

I am hoping...for warm and sunny weather so we can plan some fun outings to do with our out-of-town family visiting this week.
I am hearing...Rascal taking apart his sister's train tracks. The clank of her spoon hitting the sides of the bowl as Roo is stirring her yogurt for the 100th time this morning--she says it is too lumpy (it's the kind with the cream layer on top). Nat King Cole is singing away on the radio.

I am praying...for more patience when it comes to interacting with my children and my husband after I've had a long night and no sleep (which seems to be the norm lately).

Around the house...finish changing out the closets (hang and fold Spring clothing and pack up winter stuff for the attic). Clear off some work space in the craft room so I can attempt to make a bit of progress on a few unfinished projects (since my husband's work schedule is super flexible this week, I might actually get some extra "me time").

One of my favorite it takes my daughter quite a while to wake up in the morning or from a nap. In those sleepy, groggy moments before she fully awakens, she wraps her arms around my neck so tightly, asks me to hold her like a baby, and wants to be given "extra Mama loves."

A few plans for the rest of my week...pack away the Easter baskets and toss the artificial grass (Ugh! That stuff never really goes away, does it? Well, next year I am planning ahead and we are going to try growing our own real grass in the baskets). I also plan on dinner with my parents and coffee/grocery shopping with a friend. Yep, I said grocery shopping. It can be such a drudgery, why not "up" the pleasant factor and share it with a friend? ;)

A picture thought I am sharing...a daily scene in our home: waiting for the squirrels to arrive each morning and partake of the offering we leave on the porch.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your daybook. I totally agree about going to bed earlier -- something I used to do all the time but lately have been staying up later and later!

    Enjoy that extra "Mama Loves" time. It is gone before you know it. (I know you've heard this, we all have, but it really is true.)

  2. Too Cute that the kids are anxiously awaiting Miss. Sally's arrival!

  3. J-
    Yep, Sally is fast becoming part of the family around here! She came by for Easter snacks 4 different times yesterday. She's no dummy -- she knows I'll put food out every time.