Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"He's Got the Whole World in His Hands..."

In celebration of Earth Day tomorrow, we made Earth Day eggs: dyed hard-boiled eggs decorated to look like mini planet Earths! It was fun and quick to do (we were able to dye all 7 of our eggs during Rascal's morning nap -- he takes a speedy 25-35 minute one). Had I known it would turn out so well, I would have boiled more eggs to dye.

The supplies are simple: vinegar, oil, and food coloring (well, and hard-boiled eggs, of course). I followed the instructions from this website. And it wouldn't be complete without step-by-step pictures, would it?

First, dip your egg to make your "oceans"

Aren't they pretty? I was tempted to stop at this point, for fear we might ruin them! :)

Then, add your "land" (some with green, and some with green and yellow):

Once Rascal woke up, he was drawn to them like a magnet, making my photography session quick and painful ;)

Reaching...reaching....just a bit more.........

A-ha! We have contact!
Needless to say, we will be eating these eggs sooner rather than later, as they all suffered some major damage after being investigated by Rascal (no name ever seemed more fitting!).

I think they turned out pretty cool. I think it would be really neat to add this technique to Easter egg decorating next year (I'm thinking some pinks, purples, yellows, greens). If you decide to try this yourself, make sure you follow the instructions on the website to create "whirlpools" in the cup before dunking your egg. This whirling, swirling action is what makes your egg look "earth-like" rather than an all-blue egg that was dipped in green. Found that one out through first-hand experience (patience is a toughie with 3 year olds!).

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